OTT Navigator is basically a video player mostly utilized to work streamed & VOD content which is provided by OTT or IPTV providers. It was developed by SIA Scillarium Studio, on Android platform. Simply we can say this application helps to watch all our TV content smoothly on phone.

What is OTT Navigator?

OTT navigator gives you separate privacy watching your own TV programs on your phone without disturbing family’s program routines.

Using this application, you can enjoy live TV shows and also the archived content anytime and even anywhere you desire to. It also provides you feature of resuming from where you left so you can watch the last watched content as this application starts working. It provides you better features to categorize your favorite channels and other content in folders for smooth access. It also show us relevancy depending upon our interests.

Features Of OTT Navigator

Once you are done with IPTV Connection, OTT Navigator will scan your available ongoing content or channels you/ your family chose to watch. It will automatically show the live channels on top of priority and you can enjoy the content is best quality. This feature is simple and comes with many extensions so that one can easily interact with live two way content and capture uninterrupted source.

Channel organizer:

This application provides an option of managing channel from multiple provider. Firstly you can remove or hide which all categories you are not interested with. Also you can move channels of sports, news, music and other in same category respective to their folders. By enabling duplicate folding, so that channels with same name and variant will be recorded single

Record & Replay options

This Application supports the recording of your favorite and important program that you don’t want to miss due to busy schedule or workflow. It gives flexibility to mark and set the appointment to record for each channel and it will be saved safely in different folders for you to watch/ download as per your convenience

Broadcast & Download channel

OTT Navigator have a quite good ability to record and adapt your behavior including last seen program. As soon as you turn off the app, the system will automatically plays the last show you watched. Also, it has a history function which helps to revisit the channel watched previously without searching them and saving time.

Uses & Installation:

OTT Navigator works on Android TV & phones, it’s free to download which don’t play videos but serves as a platform to watch unlimited TV channels. It works better on any device available like smartphone, tablet, TV box/ TV. Some services are free of charge while others are Paywall restricted.

  1. Install from supportive application Store (Googleplay/apk)


OTT Navigator, hence turns out to be a best platform to watch TV channels without disturbance and
good quality video playing experience with multiple functionalities of recording, saving and downloading the content.